Hearing Aid Types: Everything you need to know about
choosing the right hearing aid for you.

We offer hearing devices for virtually every client, no matter their age or degree of hearing loss.

We believe that every EARly customer is unique and has a unique hearing need. Our Hearing Experts, take time to understand our customer needs and help them choose the right hearing aid for them. We have hearing aid solutions that are suitable to every clients lifestyle and degree of hearing loss

BTE hearing aids

BTE or Behind the Ear Hearing Aids refer to the style of hearing aids that sit behind the wearers ear. They are more popular than the In-The-Ear style as they can be fit in one sitting and can accommodate all hearing losses.

The Standard BTEs are fit with regular size tubing and a custom ear mould which fits in your ear canal. This form of BTE Hearing Aids is most suitable for severe and profound hearing losses. They are usually larger when compared to open fit BTEs and RICs. Hearing Aid Price ranges from Rs. 15000/- upwards.

Open fit BTEs consist of a thin tube along with a ear tip that goes into your ear canal. These BTEs are moderately sized and are more popularly adopted than standard fit BTEs . This is because the slim tube gives a more concealed look whereas th,e ear tip avoids the need for custom ear moulds. Open fit BTEs can therefore be fit in the first sitting with a thin tube and a suitable tip. Hearing Aid Price ranges from Rs. 15000/- upwards.

As the name suggests RICs are a type of hearing aid in which the receiver sits outside the hearing aid and in your ear canal. Since the receiver is the largest component within a hearing aid, RICs are the smallest of all BTEs as the receiver is outside the housing and connects to the hearing aid using a thin wire. RIC’s are the most popular of all hearing aids as they are small in size, can be customized with different ear tips and fits nearly any type of hearing loss by changing the receiver to what is most suitable. RIC Hearing Aids price ranges from Rs. 18,000/- onwards.

In-the-ear hearing aids

ITE or In-The-Ear style of Hearing Aids are those that are fit inside the ear of the wearer. The most popular types are the ITC (In-The-Canal) which cover the ear canal of the patient or the CIC (Completely-In-The-Canal) which are inside the ear canal. ITE Hearing aid styles are generally more invisible than BTEs , however they are only suitable for upto moderately severe losses.

ITC hearing aids have the whole hearing aid fitted completely inside the ear canal. ITCs only cover your ear canal and not the entire concha. If you have severe hearing loss, very small ear canals or frequent ear infections, ITC hearing aids probably won’t be suitable for you. If you have trouble using small controls, these aids may not be the best option for you unless they come with a remote control. ITC hearing aids price ranges from Rs. 17,000/- onwards.
Completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aids fit further into your ear canal than ITC aids. They are less visible unless someone looks closely at your ear. As these hearing aids are very small, there is a trade off between the size and the number of features that can be packed in. So CIC’s are generally not compatible with many wireless features such as streaming from smart phones. CIC’s can now be fit to severe hearing losses as receivers can now deliver more power at a smaller size. CIC hearing aids price ranges from Rs. 17,000/- onwards.
IIC aids are fitted very deep in the hearing canal and are only suitable if you have mild to moderate hearing loss.These hearing aid models stay in your ear for a few months at a time and can only be removed by your audiologist, who will maintain and clean the aid for you. Selection of the hearing aid will depend on your hearing loss, the size of your ear canals, your lifestyle etc. Our IIC’s are presently priced at Rs. 1,00,000/- onwards.
The newest additions to the In-the-Ear hearing aid styles are the Instant Fit CICs. These hearing aids are well suited for people affected with at least 70% of ear canals, by just fitting a small, medium or large sleeve but can only be fit for moderate. Thus avoiding the need of taking an ear impression and customizing the hearing aid in the ear. The advantage of Instant Fit over traditional Custom fit products is that you can choose over-vented sleeves or closed sleeves based on the type of hearing loss. Instant Fit CIC’s are priced at Rs. 15000/- onwards.
Instant Fit ITC’s are also a new addition to Hearing Aids. Like Instant fit CIC’s , the Instant fit ITC’s are also fit with the help of a sleeve and so the hearing aid can be fit in one session. They are more suitable for moderately severe losses. Instant Fit ITC’s are priced at Rs. 15000/- onwards.

Hearing aids: the solution to hearing loss

Hearing loss can affect people of all ages, which can vary from mild to severe. In adults, the most common causes of hearing loss are noise and aging. Sometimes, we don’t even notice that our hearing has gotten worse until someone else notices it. If hearing loss is severe, it can become dangerous after the age of 50 if left untreated, because it can potentially lead to dementia and/or brain shrinkage. However, wearing hearing aids as soon as you notice the signs of a hearing difficulty can significantly slow down the progression of hearing loss and improve your overall quality of life. Therefore, it is important to speak to a hearing care professional and take action against hearing loss early on to avoid missing out on all that life has to offer.

Your path to better hearing

EARly will support you in finding the right hearing aids tailored to your specific needs. Our consultation is free. After we have had a first conversation and understand the areas you are currently struggling with, our hearing aid experts point you to the perfect hearing aid – one that fits your lifestyle and budget. We have a comprehensive network of hearing aid providers across chennai and bangalore. This means we can set you up with one of our trusted Partner Providers in your city. In collaboration with our hearing aid providers, we are confident that we can help you find the right hearing aid solution. Contact EARly and speak live with a hearing aid expert today!