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Early offers you an extensive range of hearing aids crafted with the latest technology to cater to your needs. Early is affiliated with world-class hearing aid brands equipped with modern technology to offer customized solutions. The wide range of digital devices is made to fit your personalized needs, degree of Hearing Loss and characteristics such as your ear size.

Why EARly

  • Earlyhearing Diagnosis and fitting

    Diagnosis and fitting in the comfort of your home

    We make state of the art hearing aids accessible to all. All you have to do is call us for an appointment and we will send a hearing expert to your home.

  • Earlyhearing Ear aid trials

    Try before you buy

    We offer a hearing aid trial period of 10 days to ensure that you are completely comfortable with the device and the configuration. A consultation is scheduled during the end of the trial period to make necessary amendments before you make the purchase.

  •  EarlyhearingProfessional hearing test at no additional cost

    Accurate diagnosis at no additional cost

    Our consultation process happens at two levels, the first level being on call with a professional where we try to understand your needs, followed by a thorough diagnosis at home at no additional cost.

  •  Earlyhearing The Best Quality at Affordable Prices

    Virtually monitor the fitting process

    We offer the facility for you to stay connected with your loved one through the diagnosis and fitting process.

  • Earlyhearing Consistent follow up after purchase

    Consistent follow-up after purchase

    Our association with you extends way past the purchase of the hearing aid solution. We offer constant support to ensure that you have the best hearing experience.

  • Earlyhearing Over four decades of expertise

    Over four decades of expertise

    Our team has been committed to providing precise hearing aid solutions that are customised to meet every individual's hearing need. All our hearing professionals are handpicked and trained to ensure that we continue to provide only quality service.

Our Services

Earlyhearing test

Hearing Test

Earlyhearing counseling

Hearing Counseling

Earlyhearing aid trial and fitting

Hearing Aid Trial & Fitting

Our Process

Earlyhearing Schedule an appointment at home

Schedule an Appointment at Home

Our first interaction will involve a brief consultation to give us a better understanding of your hearing condition, following which we can schedule a diagnosis at home.

Earlyhearing Diagnosis


Our trained professional will visit your home at the scheduled time to carry out a detailed diagnosis.

Earlyhearing Free trial

Free trial

The professional will also bring along hearing aids curated to meet your requirement, which will be configured to meet your diagnosed need. You can use this hearing aid regularly for a period of 10 days.

Earlyhearing Purchase


When you are comfortable with the hearing aid configured to match your needs, you can confirm your purchase.

Earlyhearing Consistent follow up

Consistent follow-up

Our association with you extends way past the purchase of the hearing aid. We offer constant support to ensure that you have the best hearing experience.

Hearing aid - Customer Feedback

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