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    Hearing aid style selection

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    Hearing aid trial


Our Expert Audiologist visits your home and tests your hearing. An audiogram report is prepared and shared with you for your future use.



Our Audiologist sits with you to understand your needs, hearing challenges you face and your budget. This consultation session helps us shortlist and identify the right hearing aid for you.

early hearing consultation

Hearing aid selection

Selection of the hearing aid type is an important step in making sure you are comfortable with the product selected. At EARly, we offer you a selection between all types of hearing aids - this includes CIC, ITC, BTE and RIC hearing aids. To know more about types of hearing aids click here

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We will also recommend a specific type based on your diagnosis and hearing needs after consultation.

Features selection

One of the most important steps in hearing aid selection is to ensure that the selected hearing aid has all the necessary features to meet your hearing needs and deliver the most optimal performance. Our hearing experts will discuss with you and arrive at the right feature set for you.

Early Hearing featured selection

Finally, the most suitable solution for you is selected and you are given a free 10-day trial. We recommend using the hearing aid for 80 to 100 hours before you purchase the hearing aids. By this process, we ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with the hearing aid solution provided.